Wax Overview

The J.H. Young Company manufactures a line of temporary adhesives and waxes.
We also carry a line of Alconox detergents, Kimwipes and Wax Pouring Pots, and Apiezon products.
In general, our waxes are used to hold down glass lenses, prisms, semiconductors,
or ceramics and ferrites during all phases of production. These waxes are used
when mechanical clamping is not reasonable. They are temporary, and are easily
removed when the process is complete, using a solvent or other means.
The terms used in the industry, such as “wax” and “pitch” often have little
to do with the ingredients of these materials. Here are some common applications:

SEMICONDUCTORS: Most work in semiconductors
or ceramics would use stacking waxes. Applications include polishing and dicing.
Our 7036 specifically is widely used in these fields because of its resistance
to solvents and pH extremes. (7036 is easily removed with acetone) Application
details vary widely with circumstances. The best bonds are achieved when the workpiece,
the substrate and the wax are all at least warm (roughly 200F, 100C). Naturally,
the thinnest glue line is achieved when all are hot (roughly 400F, 200C).
For some users, a hair-dryer may provide the necessary heat.

CERAMICS: The chief application in ceramics is in polishing
recording heads, mostly for computer disks. The wax is used to hold a large
number of ceramic heads on a block. The exposed surface is lapped or polished
for smoothness, flatness and thickness. 7036 is, again, our best candidate.

BLOCKING: We no longer offer blocking products.

BLANCHARD GRINDING: A Blanchard Grinder is used to grind
a lens blank to the intended curvature. A strong wax is required for this
application, as the blank is exposed to a fair amount of force and vibration.
STRONGHOLD 7136 is a good candidate. For the greatest strength, use 7036

STACKING OR EDGING: Many flat pieces are stacked together
so the edges may be ground to size. We offer a wide range of waxes with different
softening points, strength, and solvent resistance for these purposes. Many,
but not all, of our stacking waxes actually contain at least a small amount of wax.
STRONGHOLD 7136 is a good starting point for this application.

CENTERING: A finished lens is mounted against the end
of a tube which fits in a lathe. The lens is properly located before the
assembly sets, requiring that the wax cools slowly. The lathe spins the lens
as the edge is ground to size. We offer 7036, 7105, the choice
is a matter of personal preference.

POLISHING: We no longer offer polishing products.