We make very rough “placeholder” estimates of shipping costs on
this site. The estimate is likely to be high. We
prefer to ship UPS if possible. We will charge our
actual shipping cost when we process your order.

We can ship by your chosen carrier if you provide enough
information during checkout. For Fedex and DHL, we need
your account number. For UPS,
we also need the zip code for your UPS weekly bills.
For other carriers, the necessary information varies.
Accurate information for contacting you is very
important when we have questions.

Returning customers can generally expect us to be able to use
the same shipping method as prior orders without entering the
information again.

2 thoughts on “Shipping

  1. Please e-mail me back or call me

    i’d like to buy some glass cemment, but i am not sure they can be air-shipped.

  2. Dear Madam, Sir,
    I’m a specialist in making microfluidic devices / chips and I’m looking for a wax to mount si or glass. from your website I understand you sell 7036 Blanchard Wax for this purpose. In the overview you also mention a tacking wax, this could be interesting for mounting a device under a certain angle under the microscope for inspection. I would like to try both these products. Do you have a european partner through which I can order. Otherwise is it possible to ship to the Netherlands.

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