7130 Hughes Wax

Stronghold 7130 Hughes Wax is primarily used for the temporary mounting of flat optical pieces for polishing or grinding. Also, for use in mounting ceramics, ferrites and gemstones for grinding or other machining operations. Stronghold 7130 is resistant to many common solvents including water. Stronghold 7130 is solid at room temperature and softens at 57-60C (135-140F). This product is not recommended for vacuum applications. As long as the temperature remains above
60C work pieces may be moved or positioned. After a few minutes at room temperature, the adhesive will set and machining can begin. Stronghold 7130 is a wax product. Chlorinated hydrocarbons effectively remove it. Some other solvents, such as citrus solvents can be fairly effective. Boiling hot water will physically remove the bulk of it. Further cleaning will probably be necessary. Naturally, an ultrasonic bath and/or heat help to remove the adhesive.

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